Work and Vision


Activities and Aims

  • Exploring and investigating into the origins, nature, and destiny of Man.
  • Synthesizing matter and spirit, science and art, inner & outer, east and west…
  • Forging a new religiousness for modern man. Uniting the religious and mystical teachings of man. Fostering the birth of a non-religious religious consciousness which draws on the religious traditions of man, shorn of their theology and baggage.
  • Inspiring and teaching man to awaken to his being, his potential… To propel us forward into the future with a clear mind, a sensitive heart, and an awake soul. To help people flower in attaining their ultimate potential, their true will and destiny.
  • Fostering a Mythos for man – a story of our place in the cosmos as a human being, the story of life, and a story for the individual to live in tune with. Inspiration, stories, guidance on our journey.  Helping to guide the individual inwards to the inner springs of happiness, fulfillment, love – to discovering and living their own adventure of life.
  • Illuminating the core of humanities suffering and problems – the things which are at the root cause of the the earth’s miseries. And propelling mankind onward and upward to a golden future. Healthy, whole……
  • Celebrating life, singing songs and telling stories which inspire and enlighten
  • A guide and an example of how to live in this modern world. How to live with technology and scientific advances. Futurology and bringing the future into the present.
  • A voice and a celebratory of the imagination, the unseen, the heart, of myth, spirit, playfulness, mystery, sharing.   In this world of thinking, mind, utilitarianism, materialism, capitalism….

Introductory Posts


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