Work and Vision



Mystic • Madman  Poet  Storyteller  Musician  Magician Gambler • Friend • Fool

A lantern bearer, creating & synthesizing a Mythos and Religousness for the new, whole, kosmic, Human Being

“Welcome, O life!
 I go to encounter for the millionth time the reality of experience 
and to forge in the smithy of my soul the uncreated conscience of my race.”

The Holy Grail - C.C. Rose

My Work

I am synthesizing and bringing together the understandings of many and various domains. Working at bridging science and religion, inner and outer, matter and spirit, objective and subjective truth. Exploring and investigating into the origins, nature, and destiny of Man. Synthesizing matter and spirit, science and art, inner & outer, east and west…

Looking at humanity, our past present and future, charting the course for our future
exploring fundamental forces, laws, principles, patterns, archetypes
I drop hints, whispers, clues to help you enter the mystery. Riddles, parables, poems, koans, sutras, songs, and sound codes. Specially formulated for the modern person. To inspire and awaken, to help us wake up, be free, live & flower, and propelling us into the future.

To bring together, celebrate, teach, translate, re-create, synthesize, and re-awaken: The myths of Man, the religions of man. The scientific, spiritual, magical teachings of humanity. The spiritual, wisdom, esoteric, mystery traditions and schools of Man.

To both celebrate them and uncover them as they are, and to strip them down to their essentials, to their non-localized, non-traditional essence.

To bring together all these wisdom traditions, myths, spiritual teachings…. the beautiful mythical, religious/spiritual, anthropological, scientific, artistic, musical heritage of humanity.

To translate them, uncover them, and retell them in my own language and experience. To make this Mythos available to modern man, for the New Man, Homo Novus.

Celebrating the heart, poetry, the imagination, and the miraculous in this world of “science is the only truth”. Being an example and a voice of the deep knowing of the heart. Of the immediacy of feeling, the intimacy of life itself.


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