The Secret of Secrets

All is secret
Hidden and concealed beneath the disguise of form
Hiding, occult – in plain sight
Locked behind the door of mystery
Hidden within the treasure chest
And the essential and ultimate mystery is the One who percieves this
The one looking, seeing, feeling, touching, tasting that void,
That absence & that presence
And it is beautiful that the best things are underground
For all things are more valuable for their being hidden
And it is the journey to the Kingdom of Heaven which is Heaven
The pearl is always concealed in a clam
The treasure is locked in the chest and sunk to the bottom of the sea
And God plays hard to get in order to be easier to get
She is passive to entice your aggressiveness
He conceals himself so that your yearning intensifies
The sheep goes astray to be brought back
The prodigal son leaves only so that he can return home
And the child hides in order to be found
All secrets gain something by being veiled.
For it is better to be lost and found, than to never have been lost in the first place
All is revealed
All is illuminated
All is available
All is revealed to one with the key
One who IS the key
The Key to the Mystery
The secret is perpetually unveiling itself to you
The secret is everywhere being whispered in your ear and hidden in plain sight
Right in front of you, everywhere you look, as the looking and the looker itself!
Come close to me and I will whisper to you in confidence
I promise, I only tell this to those I love…
(The great secret is that there is no secret
That every ordinary thing is extraordinary, that every stone is a diamond and every soul a star)
Only you must promise me one thing…….
To tell no-one
Yet reveal it to everyone!

What do you think?

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