The Art of Wonder


The Art of Wonder

This site is a laboratory for investigating, creating, and synthesizing in the domains of Spirituality, Religion, Myth, Anthropology, Symbolism, Magic, Art, Music, & Poetry….  In short, encompassing all of life itself and the human experience – from the mundane to the miraculous, from the outer to the inmost depths.

It is a perpetually evolving entity, serving as a laboratory for investigation, creation, and celebration of the essential mystery of Life.  It is the continual fulfillment of The Twin Impulses of Life: to know/be the ultimate Truth, and to totally experience and live this life.

It’s title: The Art of Wonder, reveals not a destination, but a way of moving. It is learning and discovering the knack or the art of living in and as wonder, awe, reverence for the mystery, the unknowable, the divine. To live with that perfume, that fragrance of wonder and prayer for the essence things….

It is a travel companion, a friend and a guide on the path. It is a guidebook, a means of inspiration, a tool, and a bridge to an unknown land. It is a Mirror, a Compass, a Lantern, and a Key.

All with the purpose of aiding the individual in the quest to realize their ultimate potential and attain the ultimate boon. To throw off all darkness, all limitation and flower as a fully conscious human being. To discover our innate identity with and as divinity, wholeness, blissfulness, and love.


A Raga in C on the banjo accompanying a subway ride from Brooklyn into the Metropolis of Manhattan.